Memento Mori - Remember That You WILL Die
Memento Mori - Remember That You WILL Die devitto stories

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fan work by candycrackpot adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Memento Mori - Remember That You WILL Die

He's running out of time. He knows that, ever since he's been told about his "legacy", he knew his days were counted. However, he never expected it to be this short.

The same way he didn't expect looking seeing the familiar golden eyes that haunted him these days.

He was once again pulled inside this strange world where eternal night ruled.

The huge white moon and the dead, barren and twisted trees were great contrast opposing the almost black sky and ashen ground.

The grey cobblestones led to an eerily calm lake where the reflection of the moon was seen. It should have been like a mirror, however, the moon reflected in the moon was black.

Despite the dead silence the cold, monochrome and barren world seemed to scream anguish and loneliness.

Allen didn't like this place, it reminded him of the time he lost his Innocence and almost died.

Also the time he completely awakened as a Noah, chained to a stone throne as the wild inner Noah rampaged. He ended up confined because of it, waiting for the torture that will most likely come.

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