Melting Stone With Beautiful Insanity
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Melting Stone With Beautiful Insanity

New York City, New York, 2015

Ducking down a dark alley, she jumped next a foul smelling dumpster, stilling her self as she clutched her knees to her chest.

Persephone held in the urge to cough and clenched her jaw shut as tight possible.

Her head throbbed and the world surrounding her was cloudy yet sharp, loud yet dull, and dark yet blindingly bright.

Then, unable to hold it in any longer, she released and spluttered blood out onto the floor beside her; hoping they wouldn't see the trail she had left.

Red tears streamed out of her eyes and blood dripped from my ears. Her joints scraped against each other with every move she made and her hair stuck to her face in blood and sweat.

But the agony was starting to subside, and she knew what that meant; another bout of hunters deterred.

Persephone tried to stand, but couldn't, so instead waited, and waited, until the blood stopped dripping, her moves stopped aching so much, and her brain was no longer pulsating in pain.

She pulled the bag from her side and grabbed a small packet of tissues, roughly trying to wipe away any visible residue of what had happened away.

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