Melody From Another World
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Melody From Another World

I woke to an unfamiliar and yet familiar ceiling in an unfamiliar yet familiar room. I sat up on the equally unfamiliar yet familiar bed and looked around.

The first thing I noticed was despite my lack of glasses, I could see perfectly fine, which was strange in and of itself.

The second thing I noticed was the rather large black bird sitting on the bedside table. I blinked dazedly at it, tilting my head to mirror the bird’s movements.

It hopped onto my knee, staring at me. Whoever’s bird this was, it obviously wasn’t scared of strangers.

Oddly enough, the bird (crow, my brain supplied), like the other things in the room, was both recognizable and strange to me.

I reached out gently, slowly, to pet the soft feathers on the bird’s head.

“Hi, pretty birdy,” I greeted, my voice decidedly deeper than I thought it should have been.

“You’re not Kou-chan!”

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