Melinda and Jim: The Lost Scenes
Melinda and Jim: The Lost Scenes supernatural elements stories

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Melinda and Jim: The Lost Scenes

Her eyes examined the dress, each stitch, each jewel, each droop in the fabric.

Tomorrow is the day where her dream comes true.

The day when she will be married. The day when in the eyes of the state, their families, and God himself see Melinda Gordon and Jim Clancy as each other's for life.

"Would you like to try it on one last time?" The attendant asked.

"No. I don't have time," she sighed. "Lots of things to get done before tomorrow."

"Alright," the attendant said and carefully wrapped it up for her. "Here you go, Miss. Gordon. Congrats on your big day."

"Thank you," she smiled and grabbed the dress, exiting the store swiftly.

The clouds erupted as she ran to her Jeep Liberty and hung her dress out in the back. She quickly made sure everything was intact and dry before closing the trunk and racing to the front seat.

She relaxed against cushioned seat and closed her eyes.

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