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Meeting of Fate

~ Julien Smith, The Flinch

A generation ago, Camelot was reigned by a king whose tyranny drove his subjects to rebel against him.

The leader of this rebellion was a young lord named Uther Pendragon whose father had been a victim of the tyrant that became known as 'The Greedy King' for his dealings of selling his

own subjects to slavery to fill his coffers. He was defeated and Uther became the new King of Camelot.

He had a fine maiden as his queen, Ygraine, but when she was unable to bear him an heir Uther became desperate.

He went to his friend the priestess Nimueh to ask for her assistance and she gave it to him.

Ygraine birthed him a son whom was named Arthur but Ygraine died to bring him into this world as per the laws of the Old Religion.

Uther was devastated at the cost of such a miracle. Soon that devastation turned to anger that quickly evolved into vengeance.

He hated Nimueh and the magic she used to take Ygraine away from him. Uther declared magical practices of any sort to be banned and set about to rid his kingdom of it and begun the Great Purge.

A year into his purge saw the deaths of hundreds of people that had magic, studied it or were allied to it in any way.

Uther seemed to believe he would succeed in his quest, that is, until he came across a man named Balinor Ambrosius.

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