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Meet Mr Smith

You might try to argue that a broader concept for contribution, otherwise known as Purpose,

is merely a human social construct conjured up not too far back into the past as a vain means of laying down any foundations of worth within an unexplainably expanding universe.

Birds however, will still weep whenever their mother leaves the nest, even if it is a repetitive process resulting in beneficial feed,

and recent studies show that trees can actually cry out in distress despite not having a contextually biased set of emotions - which makes it no wonder that those you'd have never expected

to might also be experiencing an element of existential turmoil, or even abide by it.

It's certainly not unusual to try not to think about how if this world, were it to have been altered even slightly, would throw our understanding of life as it is off course.

The atoms comprising our existence could undergo an exothermic reaction, or at the very least, you might shudder at the thought of a ten foot spider following an increase in oxygen.

If someone brings up the topic of Quantum Physics you change the subject - either out of boredom or brainache.

You attended school this morning, but currently you're home, so how can you know you were you actually at school in the first place? How can you prove it if it's not there right in front of you?

In Schrödinger's terms, it either exists or it doesn't as long as it isn't observed.

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