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A short story by zarahjoyce posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


His glare can wither even the strongest of men but she stands firm before him

armed with nothing but the coy smile on her lips, mocking him by silently saying:

She curls her hands to fists and draws breath into her lungs as she prepares her argument against him -

and a part of her wonders

she even tries to make him see the truth when it’s been obscured from him for so long.

she says, and of course he believes her, but after a few moments spent in exploring the numerous accounts she’s set up for him across different sites and platforms,

he begins to doubt her very definition of ‘fun’.

The time they have together are fleeting, at best; he believes it’s nature’s way of paying him back for all the horrible acts he’s committed - but the moment he sees her smile, he thinks that,

, this is what absolution must feel like.

Even the absence of music cannot stop her indomitable spirit; she sways and moves in a rhythm only she can hear right before his very eyes but when she extends her hands towards him,

he accepts them without question.

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