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Die was bored out of his mind.

The silence was killing him and he certainly didn't see anything relaxing in doing nothing when there was no beautician involved, who could give him a deep hydration face treatment.

He was sitting cross legged on this red yoga mat, eyes closed and mind focused on meditating. Or at least he was supposed to meditate.

Sighing, the former redhead squirmed around. He slowly felt his butt go numb and pulled a face, trying to change his position into a kneeling one as silently as possible.

But that didn't change the fact, that sitting around in silence was boring as hell.

He opened his eyes, casting a glance to the side where his boyfriend was sitting motionlessly. How Kaoru could do that for a longer period of time didn't want to fit into Dies mind.

A small frown appeared on his forehead, clearly unhappy with this situation.

Still he didn't say a thing, so as not to disturb the other man, even if he would have loved to complain about what a waste of time this whole meditating thing was.

If Kaoru wanted to relax, Die could have suggested at least 10 different ways to do so and those weren't even half as boring.

He especially could have named one particular activity that would make them feel real good, not only relaxed.

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