Medicus et Lupus
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Medicus et Lupus

Ethan flinched, the cold painful on his already sensitive feet.

Shoes had been lost sometime during the night, either shredded by sharp claws or simply discarded; he could not remember which it was.

Shifts were always difficult, bones and muscles reshaping themselves within his body, pulled into the new form by the light of the moon whether he wanted it or not.

Every inch of his body ached and deep inside his mind the wolf was still active, pawing and scratching as his human side attempted to regain control once more.

Ethan ran his hand through his hair while he walked through the cold London streets, hoping no one noticed his shoeless feet.

His bedraggled appearance was easy enough to explain away as the result of a night of drinking.

Having no shoes in London in December was more difficult to explain and he hoped to make it somewhere before anyone pointed it out.

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