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Measure a year

It was a peaceful Saturday morning. The rays of sun sprinkled through the window of Jamie’s bedroom, covering the room with a thin warm veil of gold.

The air was warm, and the summer was almost there. It made Jamie feel like sunshine, literally, both on the inside and on the outside.

Brandon’s familiar earthy scent wrapped itself around Jamie even before he opened his eyes and caressingly traced the other man’s lanky figure with his sleep-dazed gaze.

The view, the scent, the whispering sound of Brandon’s breath rustling in Jamie’s bed-ruffled hair, all combined to form one blissful sensation that set Jamie at peace.

But underneath it all, Jamie could feel the urge to keep that moment forever bubbling up inside him.

Now that they had chosen to take that step, the thought one day he might be forced to let Brandon go was still less bearable than ever.

The danger seemed so far away now, and yet so frustratingly real. Love was like salty water – you drank it to quench your thirst, but it was never enough.

The more you drank, the more of it you needed to stay alive.

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