Me and feminism part 47253848
Me and feminism part 47253848 feminism stories

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“Are you a feminist?” Yep.
By tired-discourser https://tired-discourser....

Me and feminism part 47253848

by tired-discourser

“Are you a feminist?”


“Are you a radfem?”

Nope. Don’t trust them. Like the theory but believe bi women and trans women/men are people deserving of respect and have a place at the table.

“Oh, you must be one of those *libfems*, then”

Uhh no? Did you not just hear me say I like radfem theory?

“Oh, so you must be one of those feminists who thinks inter -”

- that intersectionality included other groups than black women? That’s what I learned at my all-women university but I’ve since been corrected, so no, I’m not.

I strive to be as inclusive with my feminism as I can, though.

“Oh, so you’re just one of those bullshit egalitarians then?”

??????? Did you not fucking hear me say I’m a feminist?

“Well what kind of feminist ARE you?”

The kind that is wondering why the fuck you haven’t shut up and left me alone yet, because I am sick and tired of the infighting.

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