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May I

On a cold October day in Geneva, Switzerland . . .

Another day, another World Meeting. Great.

America was rambling on again about the whole global warming hero while England fiercely shot him down.

France was waiting for the perfect time to interject and piss them off while Russia sat smiling next to a silent Canada with his sisters and the Baltics on the other side of him.

Sweden sat quietly on one side of Sealand while a happy Finland sat on the other.

Switzerland sat in controlled indifference beside his sister Liechtenstein across from Austria, Hungary and Prussia—paying very little attention to the rest of the world around him.

China was restraining himself from slapping Korea as he babbled on to Taiwan and Hong Kong about how he invented rice balls.

Japan's face was flushed pink as Greece leaned on him as he napped and Spain was infuriating an already ticked off Romano.

Italy—who was being surprisingly quiet next to Germany—was twiddling a white flag between his fingers as he rested his head on the huge oak polished table in front of all of the rest of

the dispersed countries of the world.

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