Max is the Ultimate Gay
Max is the Ultimate Gay kate marsh stories

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Max is the Ultimate Gay

Chloe - I,er,know it was your birthday last month….‘takes out camera’ This was my real father’s camera…I want you to have it

Max - That’s so cool you remembered my birthday. But I can’t take this

Chloe - Of course you can. My dad would be pissed if I never used it, and now I know it will be used AWESOMELY

‘takes photo of butterfly’

Chloe - aaaand I’ll snag this picture as a symbol of our reunion. Cool ?

Max - ‘narrows eyes’ Sounds fake, but ok…..

Mr. Jefferson - and the winner of the Everyday Heroes contest is

‘Victoria and Max hug each other, excitedly awaiting the results’

Mr. Jefferson - Miss CHLOE PRICE !

Max and Victoria simultaneously - WHAT ?!

‘Chloe walks up to the stage’

Mr. Jefferson - Chloe’s photo of a butterfly on a bucket perfectly illustrated the thin line between life and death, and more importantly, the beauty of that line.

Miss Price, would you like to say a few words ?

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