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Matts thoughts

It was a ordinary day in dodge. Festus was playing checkers with doc, you could hear the milk wagon on the street returning after his rounds .

There was nothing to set this day apart from any other day in Dodge. Except it was hot, extremely hot. It was so hot no one was robbing anyone, It Matt was to hot to fight. Matt Dillon U.S.

Marshal was bored.

Matt looked out the window saw Kitty coming towards the jail. Funny thing about Miss Russell, tougher then most men Matt knew, yet a unique example of just how beautiful a woman could be, .

Like always behind the most stunning sights, lies some of the most challenging problems.

Miss Katherine Russell was charring a box .O no not another hat Matt thought. Kitty had many hats. She looked good in all of them.

The hats were getting kind of reckless of late with large peacock feathers that stuck out every were. He had been hard pressed to say anything nice about the last few.

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