Matthew 6:21
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A written piece by pomidor adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Matthew 6:21


Ben Wade was rarely ever surprised in his busy life. That man – Dan, was somehow a big surprise in himself, but Ben could not predict how many unexpected events would be started by him.

He did not expect the old Indian he almost collided with, five minutes south of the railway. He had to stop his horse and, when he was considering shooting the obstacle, the strange native spoke.

“Go back.”

And disappeared.

Ben never really believed in Indian magic and the like, it was probably imagined by white man anyway. But he never saw a man disappear either. And he was kind of curious.

To what he was supposed to go back, he was not sure. He turned the horse and rode to the station.

As he expected, there was no one there, but somewhere in the distance he could see a boy trying to get a dead body to the medic. Hell, he can as well help William if he’s already here.

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