Masked Desire
Masked Desire tessa alvarado/marta stories

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Masked Desire


Colonel Luis Montoya looked up from his papers with a calmness that sent fear through the young soldier.

“I assume this is important Sargent,” he said dangerously.

“Yes Colonel,” the young man swallowed. “It is the Queen of Swords.”

Montoya cursed under his breadth at the mention of only woman he had ever hated.  “Have you captured her then?” He said, barely containing his hope.

“No sir.  Earlier today we were…questioning one of the peasants regarding cattle stolen from Don Villarreal. She interfered and my men engaged her.  Unfortunately, she felled them all…”

Montoya snarled.

“Si, however, one of the men managed to pull her mask partially off as he fell unconscious.  She was gone before I could lift my rifle, but she bore a marked resemblance to Seniorita Alvarado.”

Montoya sat up straighter. “Are you certain?” He asked, expectantly.

“There was some distance between us and the glimpse was for only a moment, but I could think of no one else when I saw her.”

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