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Mary had a little squid With tentacles so scary;
By cold__cocoon

Mary and the Squid

by cold__cocoon

Mary had a little squid

With tentacles so scary;

He took revenge on every kid

Who had helped murder Mary.

He dragged the kids below the waves,

To take a little swim.

He brought them to the grotto caves,

Where all was dark and grim.

Poseidon’s scepter pierced their skins,

Their blood spread through the water.

He cried, “You will die for your sins!

For Mary was my daughter!”

Despite the vengeance that was wrought,

Poor Mary’s little ghost

Is tied, is bound, forever caught

To grave, to bones, to coast.

Dry land is her eternal estate;

From the deep, forever exiled.

Ah, what a tragic, grievous fate

For a sea-god’s long-lost child!

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