Marshfield Skits
Marshfield Skits kate marsh stories

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Marshfield Skits

Kate - Max ? Are you awake ?

Max- Yeah Kate , what’s going on ?

Kate - Well….I wanted to talk to you about something

Kate - Something important

Max - ……..what is it ?

Kate - You know that teahouse, the one that just opened up ?

Max- The super fancy one ? Kate ? The one for ….

Kate - just meet me there

-Kate has disconnected from the conversation-

‘Max knocks on Victoria’s door’

Victoria - ‘through door’ Whoever knocked at my door better have a good reason for ….

Max- ‘interrupts Victoria’ It’s me……I need your help…….

Victoria - ‘opens door’ Help ? 'looks down at Max quizzically’ With what ?

Max- 'deadpan voice’ I’m going on a date with Kate tomorrow, and I want ….I want to look my best for her.

'Victoria’s eyes well up with tears’

Max- Victori …..

Victoria- 'hand flies up to cover Max’s mouth’ No…don’t ruin the moment. I’ve been wanting this for so long 'gasps’ SO LONG

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