Married With Kits
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short story by sumchick adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Married With Kits

The Guardians… of course the idiot Guardians!

They had ignored Jack for three hundred years (except Bunny,

who on occasion was more than happy to exchange a few insults with him here and there) and now the Man in the Moon told them he was going to be a Guardian too! He didn’t want to be a Guardian!

He had his own plans for his life and they had very little to do with hanging out with these four weirdos, although admittedly Sandy was kinda cool.

The rest were just… ‘Out of touch’ with the rest of the world.

Which is probably why they think that kidnapping a guy and then trying to force him to become a Guardian was a normal thing to do. Little did they know, said kidnappee, was also married.

To an ancient incredibly powerful spirit with possessive tendencies and some overly protective instincts.

Said kidnappee also happened to be pregnant, and his husband had become even more possessive and protective in wake of this.

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