Markiplier's Darker Side
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Markiplier's Darker Side

Mark's POV

I huddled in the corner of my bed. My back against the wall, while my head is against the headboard. I'm holding onto my arms as I shake uncontrollably. But it's not because I'm cold...

I know... That my fans think that Darkiplier isn't real... God do I wish they hadn't said anything about it... But I won't blame them... They didn't know... They didn't know that

is real...

I haven't talked to anybody, or made any videos for almost 2 weeks... I did make a video exactly two weeks ago... But He showed up way more than He usually does. I think the game was called,

I didn't even think it was going to be that scary of a horror game...

~Two Weeks Ago~

"Hello everybody. My name is Markiplier. And welcome to let's play, Mr. Kitty Saves The World. Ok now, uh, I've been playing a lot of horror games recently.

So I wanna take a nice step back cause they're starting to affect my dreams, I'm seeing things out of the corner of my eyes in my own apartment.

So, I just wanna play a nice relaxing game where I can show you guys some real commentary in the gaming and the in sites behind the indie game world. So, lets get started.

" I pressed start, and the title went everywhere. "Oh no! Not again! Aghhh! Ok so obvi- What the Hell?! Ha ha. Uh...

AHH! Ok, so obviously I was lying before and - What the Heelll!? What is that? Ahh! I'm getting stuck on furniture.

I-jes- You're not giving me enough time man, just give me more time to jump over stuff. That's not a Mr. Kitty. That's not a kitty that I want. Ahh, preemptively jump.

Wha- 21? What do those mean? I don't know. Preemptively jump! I'm going off the screen. I'm going off the screen guys. What the Hell?!" I could hear my voice starting to sound static-y.

The screen turned purple.

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