Marked and Unclaimed
Marked and Unclaimed references to arkham games stories

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Marked and Unclaimed

Dick never thought it’d come to this. Sure, Bruce had fucked his way in and out of society before he took Dick in, but at least he’d been safe.

With Clark, however, Bruce may not have been as careful. Maybe because he trusted Clark. He let Clark mark him.

And now, just a little after four in the morning, Dick had just gotten out of the cape and cowl, and was about to get some rest.

It was something that Bruce refused to give up until he realized that this might be the first and also the last time he’s going to be given a chance at continuing his bloodline. And Clark’s.

With his uniform set aside and with him dressed in something comfortable to sleep in, he made his up to Bruce’s room.

After the whole fiasco, and Bruce’s early retirement, Alfred thought it would be best for Bruce to withdraw from society and live with his family in peace.

An unclaimed omega was dangerous, and since Bruce didn’t want that kind of news spreading around, he agreed to living in a remote place in France, where Alfred had bought a nice,

not so little vacation house. Bruce didn’t even know why Alfred bought a vacation house in France when they didn’t even use it.

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