mark is a refrigerator and eduardo is a carrot
mark is a refrigerator and eduardo is a carrot eduardo saverin/mark zuckerberg stories

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mark is a refrigerator and eduardo is a carrot

Mark was a large fridge.

He prided himself on being shiny and stainless steel; his owner, Dustin, was particularly proud of his water dispenser,

which was touch sensitive and snug for the large water bottles that he liked to use when he went out to the gym and came back sweaty and said that he would get the attention of his

next door neighbor, Chris, soon.

Mark thought it was pretty obvious that Chris was into him by the way he kept coming to Dustin’s front door with snickerdoodles every Sunday, but as Mark was a fridge,

he was not exactly capable of telling Dustin this.

One day, Dustin came home from grocery shopping with several bags of fruits and vegetables.

Dustin really wasn’t a fruits and vegetables kind of guy, but as he was on his ‘getting beefed up to woo Chris’ kick, he also had become slightly obsessive over his diet.

He opened one of Mark’s doors and started unloading his food into him.

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