Marinette's Predicament (Sequel to Marinette's baby)
Marinette's Predicament (Sequel to Marinette's baby) sequel to marinette's baby stories

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Marinette's Predicament (Sequel to Marinette's baby)


Marinette sat on the ground of her bedroom floor, her legs folded underneath her.

Her eyes narrowed as she glared at the other sitting in front of her.

Louis glared back at his mother.

His eyes very large, as he was still a child. His cheeks were rosy, and he blinked a few times.

Marinette waited just a few moments. Her hands rested on her lap as she looked at Louis.

Louis smiled, a small giggle leaving his lips before he hummed and looked at his mom.

Marinette sighed as Alya waited right beside her.

"He's nothing like Manon." Marinette said thoughtfully.

Louis looked up at Alya, before he slowly stuck his thumb in his mouth.

Marinette gasped.

"Aha! Caught you!" She squeaked playfully and reached over to pull his thumb out of his mouth.

Louis laughed, as if it was a game he and his mother played.

Alya chuckled.

"I'd imagine that he's nothing like Manon. He came from Adrien."

Marinette rolled her eyes playfully at her comment.

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