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Maria University

For most, moving day is the long awaited and glamorized first step to freedom on the long road to adulthood starting with college.

Brochures upon brochures had been piling up on the Arlert and Jaeger household counters for months as their high school seniors made their final decisions of where they wanted to go to school.

The choice was simple: Maria University.

Maria University was a land grant college that focused mostly on agriculture and the sciences.

They were known for their academic achievements and for boasting a number of famous astronauts, engineers, fashion designers and every branch of ROTC possible.

Yes, for Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann-Jaeger, and Armin Arlert they were sure that Maria University would be the best choice for their varied interests and also allow them to stay close.

They were even all going to be in the same dorm.

The morning of move-in day was hectic for Eren and Mikasa. Mikasa had everything packed and ready to go, it was just the amount of things she had.

Mikasa had been accepted to prestigious fashion design program as a freshman.

She would be starting her major classes’ right from the start and thus she needed to bring all of her sewing supplies, bolts of fabrics, and life size models.

Eren, however, was simply a “lazy fuck” as his friend Jean so lovingly liked to call him and had put off packing until the last minute only to stay up all night playing call of duty with Jean.

He rushed to put all of his things into the large tubs Mrs. Jaeger had bought knowing her son was less of a fold and stack and more of a shove and hope-to-God-this-all-fits type of packer. Dr.

Jaeger was yelling for his son to help him load the car when Armin pulled up in the driveway in his baby blue 2015 Volkswagen,

a graduation present from his Grandfather after they received news Armin had received a full ride to Maria University.

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