Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)
Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel) clue (1985) stories

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written piece by daryl wor (morlock_13) adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Margaret Josette Dupres (A Novel)

-Mrs. White (Clue 1985)

Sherlock Holmes

And with these two quotes, I'd like to show that life after death, and sex after marriage, is both probable, plausible and extraordinarily beyond that… wonderful.

Chapter One: The Wedding Day

As many of my friends and family knew, this was not a day they needed to share with us, but I wanted them to.

I wouldn't request it, I wouldn't promote it as my beloved so insisted, but they were more than welcoming. I believe they knew what was happening.

It's good to know that through all the ages we weren't as lost anymore, nor as shallow as many outside us have believed.

We were ourselves now and able to live the days in more matter of fact realms, and more importantly in love.

Somehow the nervousness that had reached me earlier wasn't with me now. Perhaps it was because my bride hadn't entered the chapel yet. I anticipated her.

I knew they'd worked a long time on recreating Josette's wedding dress and considering its sinister history, I was happy for a re-creation… such as my bride, Maggie Evans was.

Long of almost auburn locks, velvet of lashes upon her brown eyes, and aquiline of face, did I know my Josette in her? Oh, didn't I?

The reconstruction of a new dress, with new fabrics, from the original design of the old. How fitting it was.

And how lovely in all of this design, the dress, the rings Willie had done so well to create for us, the home we were rebuilding together,

nothing so marvelous as this re-creation of a human being: Josette Dupres.

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