March of Progress
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March of Progress

Korra and Asami stepped out of the Spirit World, eyes only for each other as they returned to the ruined city they called home.

The weight of Asami's hand on Korra's shoulder made her stomach flip, and her own hand on Asami's waist pulled the other woman closer.

Suffice it to say, it had been a good few weeks.

Asami chucked softly, at nothing at all. Korra smiled back, understanding the feeling.

“So...” Korra began.


“So, we're back,” Korra continued, nuzzling her head into Asami's ear.

“Unfortunately,” Asami muttered, and Korra's grin grew.

“What now?”

“Besides a shower?” Asami snickered, glancing around. “I'm pretty sure the city could use rebuilding, for one.”

“No,” Korra said, turning to take both of Asami's hands in hers, just as she had as they'd entered the Spirit World. “I mean, what about... us? ARE we an 'us'?”

Asami leaned down, pecking Korra on the lips. “Of

we're an 'us', Korra. But we've also been gone for two weeks, and... look over there. Up that street.”

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