Marathon Running
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Marathon Running

~ Elric von Steffelbus IV (3028)

~ Jade Hasegawa, supervisor Project MARATHON (3021)

Once upon a time there was a jumpship.

Its original name was lost in the mists of time,

and the damned thing had changed owners and been refit so many times that even the engineers weren’t sure what was original and what was replacement.

This jumpship drifted into the Periphery where, under the name

, it ferried various unsavory persons to and from unsavory places on unsavory jobs.

Then one bright day it jumped into a solar system unlike any other in the galaxy to that date and everything got a great deal more complicated.

The good ship


had undergone the most exhaustive overhaul ever during its stay in Fenspace.

The life support and heatsinks had been swapped out for handwavium-based technology that provided ten times the capacity for only a quarter of the volume.

Every component that needed repairing had been repaired, and the ship had even gotten a new paint job out of the deal: where

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