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Many Questions..One Answer

On the edge of bringing back a side of this girl half of you never see Memories though…is that really who I want to be? Thoughts flying through my head My heart is saying I need to be here But not letting me know which way to steer

People ask, why waste time if it’s such a valuable thing? Yet again, I have no answer Just one more sign of another hour wasted...Grandfather clock rings Lying on the ground with no motivation Watching birds soar high and sing But flying high to this thing called full potential seems so impossible with a broken wing

Strength is such a simple word, but why is it so hard to gain? Although now a days the most difficult part can be staying sane Thunder hits and lightning strikes, I'm drowning in the pouring rain Fighting this current, swimming backwards through the past and all the pain

Clock rings yet again and I'm almost ready to resign But you know that saying..something like after the rain, comes the shine But I need help I need more time Someone please help Give me life's guideline

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