Many Midnight Shenanigans.
Many Midnight Shenanigans. spades slick stories

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Many Midnight Shenanigans.

You aren't sure what to call him tonight. You told Slick you were meeting about an information exchange, even if that wasn't true. It was a dinner date. When you arrived, he was already there.

He was stirring his tea, humming to himself. So very peaceful. When he looked at you, he smiled and stood up. He made his way over, grinning from ear to ear in his gorgeous way.

He was wearing black though.

He led you to the table and waved a waitress over. You ordered coffee, pure damn black. He gave you a nasty look when you cursed and after the waitress abandoned you, he brought it up.

You shouldn't use such language on such a formal date, he scolded, it was improper etiquette.

You discussed this for a short amount of time before you brought up the suit. He told you he rented it just for this date. You were honored.

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