Man With a Movie Camera
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short story by babyrubysoho adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Man With a Movie Camera

“Is it ready?”

“...It's ready.”

I see all five members brace themselves. Yomi gestures with his popcorn.

“All right. Roll it.”

. So my Japanese lit teacher told me when I was sixteen, and at the time I thought it was so much bollocks. But I guess it's true after all.

This is my film, over a year in the making. My

. This is the story of Nightmare.

Of course, none of this footage will ever see the light of day (unless Keisuke and the other techs get me


If it ever does, it will probably end up like the home movie in Cloverfield, and the only people to see it will be a couple of top-secret military suits in a bunker somewhere,

because my damn band will have inadvertently destroyed society with their shenanigans in the interim.

Well, strictly speaking they're not

band. I'm Sakito's primary guitar technician, and Hitsugi's backup. My name is Fujiki Ryota, and I've been with these guys for seven years; I can't help but feel proprietary towards them.

And amazed. And incredulous. And sometimes terrified. And...well, like I

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