Man Friday
Man Friday the eagle of the ninth stories

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A short story by pouxin posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Man Friday

On Monday morning before lectures there’s a random guy in Marcus’s kitchen. Sitting at Marcus’s table, eating one of the croissants Marcus had been saving –

– as a special treat for after rugby practice. With Marcus’s jam. Obviously.

Cottia and Esca seem to live exclusively off a diet of super noodles, chocolate spread, and vodka, so there’s no way they’d have anything vaguely breakfast-appropriate in the house.

Marcus sighs expansively. He supposes he should be used to this by now. But somehow, every time Esca brings some new guy back to the house, it grates on him just that little bit more.

Like a splinter under his thumb nail that he just can’t shift.

“Hi,” he says coolly, looking irritably at the croissant. It looks good. Soft and buttery.

“’allo,” says the randomer. Oh great. He’s European. How Esca.

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