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Three years after Kouichi found the photo album of his mother's where he saw the white cat, he finally had a chance to reunite with and get to know his younger twin.

He did ask his mother about the cat in the picture.

Hikari told him she had a couple of adventures when she was younger and that the cat was her partner, an Adult level Digimon called Tailmon.

In return, Kouichi described his own adventure as the Warrior of Darkness, first as the corrupted Duskmon and then the purified Löwemon.

He noticed his mother seemed to shy away from him when he mentioned that he had been the Warrior of Darkness.

Kouichi hoped she would come to terms with it sooner or later. He knew he'd looked through that particular album before, but had never seen his mother's partner.

Had she added it in before they moved?

Kouichi knew there was also his brother and father to consider. No doubt a similar situation popped up with Kouji, in that he discovered his father's secret Chosen Child past.

Everything rode on this meeting: would their parents successfully reconcile? Not to mention, where the rest of their team was.

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