Making Plans
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Making Plans



“You’re up already?”

“I’ve heard that the early bird gets the worm.”

“So they say. Am I the worm in this situation?”

“No, sweetheart, there’s nothing about you that resembles a worm. A snake, on the other hand….”

“What? Is that supposed to be a reference to my personality?”

“No…. Rather, I was thinking of something else of yours that’s decidedly snake-like.”


doesn’t surprise me. Tell me, what kind of plans do you have this morning that provided the motivation to get up so early?”

“Mezhgan, Sinitta, and Lauren are all up on deck in the skimpiest of bikinis, awaiting my arrival.”

“Lovely. When are the photographers due to arrive?”

“In about 15 minutes. What are


“Julianne and I are going to go paddleboarding in the bay.”

“Lots of paparazzi hang out there.”

“Really? What a coincidence.”

“Nice how it saves you a phone call.”

“After that, Julianne is going off shopping with some friends she brought along.”

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