Making It Work
Making It Work not-so-secret infidelity stories

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Making It Work

He curled his legs up under him, looking down at the coffee table in front of him. The mobile phone was sitting there, staring up at him, begging him to use it to contact one specific person.

Uncharacteristically, John had slept in that morning. He had only woken with a start when Sean had leant on doorbell to rouse the singer/actor.

In his haste to leave the house and make it to his appointment, John had left his mobile phone sitting on the coffee table.

He had been gone for an hour before John had frantically called using Sean’s phone, thinking he had lost his phone.

Acting without thinking, Scott reached out and picked up the mobile.

His hands were acting of his own accord as he opened up a text message and quickly typed out, Can you come over? I need to see you. J x.

As the message transmitted from John’s phone to the recipient’s, Scott wondered if he was doing the right thing.

He had known about John’s affair with Gareth for a long time – was it even an affair if the spouse knew about the other partner?

– And he had long since accepted that he couldn’t have John’s heart all to himself.

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