Making it work
Making it work a song of ice and fire stories

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Making it work

“Your Grace, the King has to take a bride our kingdom tethers on the brink without a dynasty, without an heir ...”

Jon had started using his father-like tone as if this was supposed to be a lecture for the sake of my wisdom and health like all the other “Robert a lord doesn’t try to impress

every peasant girl ... ” or “Robert a lord must know what taxes his subjects bring so pay attention ... ” thank the Seven he was talking about the Royal house and not nagging me this time.

... Why is everyone looking at me ? ...

Dammit I was the king now, it keeps slipping my mind, the wine it must be the wine’s fault.

“Yes Jon, you’re right.” and that was not me agreeing with the closest thing I have to a father, the lord of the Vale was right most of the time even if I didn’t like to admit it.

Couldn’t have asked for a better Hand.

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