Making Christmas Special
Making Christmas Special danny messer stories

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Making Christmas Special

Danny was up to something; that much Tim knew for definite.

For the past two weeks the blonde had been very secretive; it was clear he was hiding something.

Every time Tim entered a room, Danny seemed to be on the phone, but he immediately cancelled the call whenever he saw Tim.

The brunette knew it was wrong but, despite the fact that he had retired when he moved back to New York,

there was still a large part of him that was unable to leave behind the CSI that was inside of him.

Tim had seriously considered pulling Danny's cell phone records to find out who he was calling, but two things stopped him from doing that.

The first was the fact that he didn't have access to the resources that enabled him to do so,

and the other was his conscience telling him that he couldn't treat Danny like that; that he had to trust his lover.

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