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Makes Three

Ray and Dief were arguing.

It was kinda unusual, because Ray and Dief mostly united against Fraser on the subjects including but not limited to heat, food, and not being a robot,

but sometimes you just had to throw down with a wolf.

Their biggest fight, to date, had been the one when they’d needed to finally come home, once the weather was turning and they hadn’t found the Hand of Franklin.

Fraser and Dief had thought that it would be okay to extend the hunt another couple of weeks, but Ray had already fallen into three crevices, seen an avalanche,

and listened to Fraser wax poetic about how winter fades into mud season real abruptly. All that had been in the past week. They were going to turn around or Ray was going to

back to the nearest outpost.

For reasons Ray still didn’t understand, Dief decided he needed to pick the fight.

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