Make Your Wish Come True
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A fiction by jaded_jane posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Make Your Wish Come True

“Where are you going?”

Logan glances over his shoulder at James as he steps away from the oversized chair they’ve been sharing. “Just hitting the lights. I’ll be right back,” he promises.

He makes it about six feet before he starts to shiver. California blood runs through his body now and Minnesota temps are way too cold.

Of course, running around the house without shoes on his feet doesn’t help.

Logan sprints to the wall, slaps the switch off and dashes back to the Christmas tree-facing chair.


” he shouts lowly– not wanting to wake his mother– giving James a few seconds of warning before he skids to a stop and yanks the wool blanket back,

jumping in quickly and rewrapping himself in the what feels like the best heat source ever. “I’m so happy your mother isn’t arriving in town until tomorrow afternoon.

I get Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with you, just like I wanted,” Logan confesses as he fidgets.

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