make sure that we're watertight
make sure that we're watertight joseph joestar & caesar anthonio zeppeli stories

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make sure that we're watertight

These boring missions are the worst – in and out with a couple of stolen documents or eavesdropped intel – but they're especially intolerable when Joseph doesn't get to be a part of the action.

He's been parked on the street and waiting for Caesar for 20 minutes and while he's only five minutes late,

that can sometimes be a big deal – especially when your partner is as punctual as Joseph’s.

Joseph twiddles his thumbs some more, but that only occupies him for a few seconds before he lets out a heavy sigh. God damn it, he's taking forever.

He digs out his communicator from his front pocket and switches to Caesar’s channel, then listens for the tone of the static to change. When it does, he whispers, “Hey, gimme an update.”

The communication abruptly ends and that can mean one of two things: 1) Caesar is pissed or 2) Caesar is in trouble.

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