Make Some Noise
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Make Some Noise

The first time Hannibal sees Dog Star live is in a Baltimore gay bar. The frontman just stands there with his back to the audience as his bandmates take their positions.

He's shirtless and wearing black leather pants, and Hannibal would roll his eyes if the knobs of his spine didn't look so terribly vulnerable.

He stands there with shoulder blades like wings, head tipped forward, nothing but a mass of dark curls.

The unassuming little man on drums taps one cymbal, and the remarkably beautiful woman on electric violin plays a long, quavering note as the drums kick in properly.

The singer doesn't turn, but starts to sway just a little.

The keening violin and the drums wrap lovingly around each other, and Hannibal places the song just before the singer finally makes his contribution.

he purrs, and there's something so dark and so raw in his voice that it gives Hannibal chills. He bites off the sounds of

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