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Make me whole

Tae walked into the living room with a small tray of tea, placing it gently onto the coffee table in front of the fold out sofa.

“Here you go, Aoba. Just take it slow, I don't want you spilling it on yourself again.”

“Yeah Grandma I know...”

“That's what you said the last time.”

“Give me a break.” He sighed, smiling.

The blue haired male turned his head in the direction of Tae's voice, waiting with his hands outstretched till he felt the hot mug touch his fingers.

Tae waited until she was sure Aoba had a hold of it, before sitting down on the sofa and taking up her own mug.

They sat together in their comfortable quiet for a few minutes, listening to the soft music Aoba had been playing from his coil.

Ren was curled up in his lap, softly wagging his puffy tail as Aoba moved a hand to run through his thick fur.

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