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Make It Right

Had anyone ever bothered to ask you if you believed in fate, you would have said no.

Fate, in your opinion, was an excuse people used when they didn't want to confess that whatever was going on was their fault. You supposed that it must help to be able to blame their god/s.

So, had anyone bothered to ask you what had led you to your current situation, your answer wouldn't have been fate, but an interesting series of coincidences.

No unseen puppeteer made you get up last night and write for hours on end instead of sleeping.

Nothing but your typical everyday computer malfunction was behind everything failing to save properly.

The fact that among these strange changes was some of the rough draft for your newest book having changed into Wingdings, of all things, didn't mean anything.

It was certainly not anyone's fault but your own that you had decided to postpone your morning run in an attempt to fix your story instead of taking a break.

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