Make gold the face of the moon
Make gold the face of the moon horror stories

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A fiction by zetsubooty adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Make gold the face of the moon


Someone shakes his shoulder ineffectually, but it’s enough, enough to bring him up into consciousness and gasping into the pillow.

He lifts his head, wobbly with sleep; he can faintly make out Mihashi’s worried expression hovering at the side of the bed.

Still, the first word to tumble out of his mouth is, “Izu…mi??”

Mihashi jumps comically, eyes shooting wide. “N-n… Izumi? I can go… Wait, I can’t…? Wh—”

Sakaeguchi rolls on his back, rubbing between his eyes. “No, just… Nevermind.”

Mihashi dithers at the side of his bed until Sakaeguchi peers over at him. “Just now… Yuuto had a bad dream?”

It takes him a moment longer to collect himself but then he smiles easily. “Yeah, kinda glad you woke me up. What’s…” He feels stupid asking, because he knows what’s wrong.

The same things that are always wrong. Or perhaps nothing. Part of him wants to remain stubborn, wait for an answer, but he sighs and pushes back the covers and scooches over.

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