Make a Terrible Boy
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Make a Terrible Boy

Kevin leaned forward and investigated the bottom of the carton of egg foo young and tried to ignore the fact that their house was full of boxes, nearly all of them still unopened.

Next to him, Mike tossed down his chopsticks on the big box labeled “other stuff” that was serving as a table, stretched and groaned.

“Next time, we're totally asking for our friends to pack and unpack as their wedding present.”

Kevin sighed and sat back, belly full to bursting, and Mike's arm dropped automatically down around Kevin's shoulders. On his ring finger, the silvery band gleamed, shiny and new.

Kevin smiled, even as he fidgeted with his own ring, smoother and wider than his old one. “Ready to do some more unpacking?” he asked.

Mike groaned and half-curled into Kevin's side. “Please, dear god, no more,” he mock-whimpered. “I'll do anything, just make the unpacking stop.

” Kevin grinned and didn't even try resisting the urge to run his fingers down Mike's ticklish sides. Mike was laughing as he flopped backwards, eyes bright as he grinned at Kevin.

“Evil man!” he laughed as he pointed a finger at Kevin. “You could at least wait until we've finished all that damn wedding cake before your start in on the spousal abuse.”

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