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A work by graymalkyn adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


What must you do to forget the love of your life?

It would surely be easier to cut out your own heart and pretend you’re still alive.

It would be far simpler if people could be reprogrammed; have their memories cleared, let them turn over a new leaf.

But erasing the memories he had of Yoshino would practically be to extricate himself from his own life.

Tori’s heart kept prodding him,

Oh, but there had been a fight. Too many of them, in fact. That glass had not only been filled, but it had overflowed and cracked under the pressure of his unrequited affection.

At first, there had been this element of uncertainty, of fear. Loving a man was not what either of them had been raised to do. Loving his best friend, however...

Loving his best friend was scary, because there was too much to lose.

Had he taken advantage of the relationship that they had built for years? Yoshino had always been kind to him. Yes, he had plenty of bad habits, but unlike him, that man was pure.

It had been his own delusion, his own unfulfilled fantasies that had turned into poison and had taken over him.

By the time he realized that, it was already too late: the whole relationship had become twisted beyond repair.

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