Maintaining Eye Contact
Maintaining Eye Contact a fic based on a headcanon stories

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Maintaining Eye Contact

“Can you turn the air conditioner down?”

Henry turned and looked over at Eliza, sitting on the couch next to him in his home office.

They’d just finished one of their sessions together and had somehow ended up watching a movie – some romcom Eliza has forced him into,

that at the moment he seemed to be paying more attention to than her.

“Can you turn it down?” she asked again, eyes fixed on the screen, as she sat back in the couch, twirling her hair with one hand and bouncing her leg.

“You’re cold?” Henry asked, observing her shaking leg.

“No,” Eliza said, still looking at the TV (or in its general direction, she didn’t seem to be really watching it), “It’s just loud.”

“Loud?” Henry echoed, mostly to himself. Eliza didn’t respond.

“I can’t hear anything, Eliza.”

Eliza now flicked her eyes in his direction briefly, but didn’t turn to face him (typical).

“Are you kidding, Henry?

It’s totes annoyingly loud and its ruining my calm, and if my calm gets ruined, my beauty sleep gets ruined, and if my beauty sleeps gets ruined,

I wake up looking like capital B – Butt that no amount of morning makeup routine can fix, and there go my morning selfies, and there goes my follower count, and there goes –"

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