Magister 3: In the Season of Nightmares
Magister 3:  In the Season of Nightmares rupert giles/willow rosenberg stories

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Magister 3: In the Season of Nightmares

Ch. 1 -The Changing Order

Ethan Rayne stood in a chilly London drizzle and watched the sun sink behind the imposing stone building across the street.

A small, mischievous smile quirked his lips as a dark figure stepped out of the shadows to join him.   He never took his eyes off the target before them as he spoke.

“You know, Ripper, this isn’t exactly a place where I’m welcome.  In fact, last time I stepped foot on the premises, I believe the phrase ‘eliminate on sight’ was uttered.”

“They’ve never exactly appreciated those who would lead their young initiates astray,” the man beside him replied conversationally.

“Oh, but you were such fun to corrupt,” Ethan purred.  “Alas, the relevant point is that you were not the only thing I ever tried to steal from The Council.   Their wards are sure to detect me.

You still haven’t said how I’m supposed to get all the way into the library and back out in one piece.”

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