Magical Adventures Triforce Hunters Go!
Magical Adventures Triforce Hunters Go! tsubasa: reservoir chronicle stories

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A short story by altalemur adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Magical Adventures Triforce Hunters Go!

They had made the last few miles to the ancient temple on foot.

Sakura had enough training to know their horses would leave an obvious trail, despite the extra cost of time of leaving them behind.

And besides, it wasn’t like they could take the horses with them on the rest of their journey. Prince Syaoran had insisted on carrying his share of the luggage, but he was already looking tired.

Sakura sat down on a relatively flat rock, offering him some water. Prince Syaoran took it gratefully.

Syaoran closed his eyes, a hand going to his chest, “We’re close to the gateway. I can feel it.” He lifted a hand, pointing towards a rougher terrain.

Sakura had been worried that was the direction they needed to go.

Sakura looked behind them, trying to look more competent than she was feeling. “It… doesn’t seem like we’re being followed. I’ll scout ahead while you rest, Prince Syaoran.”

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