Magic Spell
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fanfic by write_no_evil adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Magic Spell

In all honestly, even Bruce knew it was stupid not to duck the blue light racing towards him. With his limited amount of knowledge on magic, he knew it was a spell.

Still he chose to take it chest on. He wanted them to know that Batman could take anything. It would strike fear into everyone, criminal or not.

Still, Bruce had to admit, not dodging the spell was a bad move. It didn't really hit him, just went right through him.

Bruce looked down to where it had entered him, right through the symbol of the bat on his chest. He brought up a gloved hand and very faintly felt warmth radiate off that spot.

The children exclaiming in shock snapped his attention back to them.

"Why isn't he dead?!" A boy asked, looking suddenly scared. Guess taking the spell had struck fear into them.

"Idiot," the only girl of the group hit the boy. "You didn't cast the killing curse on him!"

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