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Magic Rhysie

Traffic was worse than Rhys thought it would be. He had a four o’clock job interview, and found himself just barely pulling into the parking lot at 3:57.

He was interviewing for a job at a strip club called “Hyperion,” but Rhys still wanted to leave a good impression.

The man who owned the club was fairly well known around town, partly for his good looks and how disgustingly rich he was, but mostly for his intimidating demeanor and ruthless business tactics.

It definitely didn't sound like Rhys wanted to be on this guy's bad side, so he made extra sure to look clean and professional.

Tardiness, however, was not a great way to start the interview, so he hurried inside and was immediately greeted by a very muscular, bearded man.

“We're closed,” he grunted, folding his arms over his chest.

“Actually, I'm here for an interview,” Rhys said with a polite smile, extending his hand for shaking. “I'm Rhys.”

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